Rosamed is the holding company of a consolidated group of subsidiaries that organized around different fields including production, business and distribution. This group company provide 16 kinds of pharmaceutical products in diverse dosage form in the field of oncology, psychology, analgesic that produce in Behin Tamin Rosamed Co and distribute via Behin Tozi Rosamed co.
Behin Tozi is launching a capillary system for distribution of medicine. This company is a global distributor which has many branches all over the country.
Noor Andishan Co has commenced its activity with the license of supply and import of emergency and single prescription pharmaceutical products. Shamim Darouie Rosamed Co can also acquired the exclusive agency of some well-known companies in Europe. The main activity of the mentioned company is supply and import of medical equipment through merging with hospital chain "Moheb".
No Andishan Rosamed Co is based on importing of the hygienic and cosmetic products and it cooperates with one of the famous companies in Europe.
This group of company (holding company) with multiple activities is one of the major pharmaceutical companies in Iran.