Moheb is a non-for-profit organization established 2004 with 16 beds in Tehran, Iran (Moheb in Persian is abbreviation of An Institute for Supporting Patients). Today, Moheb is a mother company with three hospitals and four companies as childs.
1- Moheb Mehr Hospital
2- Moheb Kowsar Hospital
3- Moheb Yaas Hospital
4- Shamim Darouie Rosamed
5- Hamyar Sakht for hospital building
6- Moheb Tamin for catering , laundry, etc
7- Moheb Tajhiz Teb
for hospital equipments. Now, Rosamed is a sister company for Moheb in Shamim.
Delivering high quality services to patients is the aim of both companies and Shamim is playing the role in the field of medicine and medical equipments in Moheb.