Shamim Darouie Rosamed Co.
Established 2006,Tehran with the aim of registering, marketing, import and export of medicines, medical instruments and cosmetically items. Rosamed is now exclusive official agent of some europan companies and Shamim is the way to market them. Also by the good experience of well management in inventory and also awareness of medical usage in hospitals for patients, Shamim has managerial contracts for pharmacies (inpatient and outpatient) inside hospitals with near 500 beds and 3000 inpatients monthly in below specialties:
- Cardiology, Angiography and Angioplasty,
-Orthopedic Surgeries,
-Urology and Nephrology surgeries
-Vascular and General Surgeries
-Gastroenterology Surgeries
-Parturition and Woman Surgeries (IVF, ...)
-Ophthalmology and related surgeries
procurement, supply and distributing all kinds of medicines, supplements, and consumable/disposable medical and surgical equipment is our expert. Producing some of these items in/out of country is also doing. Delivering reliable access to medicine, medical equipments and disposable products with sustainable prices is our mission in Middle East.